[AD:top]If you need a new refrigerator, you can't go wrong with a Whirlpool. As one of the top kitchen appliance brands in the industry, Whirlpool refrigerators have solid reputations for being stylish, durable and reliable. Shoppers who browse Whirlpool's selection will find a wide range of traditional top-freezer refrigerators, French door models, side-by-side door refrigerators and bottom-freezer units. Of all the options to choose from, which is best for you? Ask the following questions to find the top whirlpool refrigerator for your home.

Which Whirlpool refrigerators models would fit best in my space?

When shopping for a new refrigerator, always take measurements of the refrigerator space in your kitchen. Knowing how much room you have can instantly help you rule out various options. You should also consider how far you'd like refrigerator doors to swing out into your kitchen.

Which Whirlpool refrigerator models are the cheapest?

The least-expensive Whirlpool models are almost always going to be the standard top-freezer models, but other types of refrigerators may become cheaper as they're put on sale at different times of the year. If you're shopping on a tight budget, be sure to ask about other styles of Whirlpools in your price range, just in case any prices have been temporarily reduced.

Are there any Whirlpool appliance outlets near me?

Whirlpool does have several outlet stores located in cities across the county. Use the Website to see if there's an outlet near you, and be wary of unaffiliated appliance outlets that sell Whirlpool products. Also, be aware that while you may save money on some refrigerators sold from the outlet, higher-end refrigerator models may still be out of your price range.

Which Whirlpool models come in stainless steel?

Stainless steel refrigerators and appliances are highly popular among people who crave stylish, modern looks for their kitchens. If you're after a stainless steel unit, ask retailer to show you anything they have in stock that can be ordered in stainless steel. If you're shopping on a budget, you may want to consider getting a black refrigerator which can also add style to an otherwise sterile kitchen.

What are the details on the extended service plan for this Whirlpool?

Whirlpool refrigerators can be purchased with several extended warranty plan options, and it's up to you to ask about the differences between each option. Good warranty issues to ask about include coverage amounts, coverage durations, coverage exclusions and the process of making warranty claims. Also, ask what happens in the event your refrigerator needs to be replaced.

Which refrigerator offers the most space for fresh foods?

While French door refrigerators are generally the best for storing produce (they have large crisper drawers at eye-level), there may be other Whirlpool models that are less expensive while offering comparable space for produce. You may also be able to purchase additional shelving and drawers for other refrigerator units.

Which Whirlpool refrigerators received the most praise in reviews?

It's always a good idea to do some research before investing in a major appliance such as a refrigerator. Fortunately, there are publications such as Consumer Reports where you can find reviews on all kinds of Whirlpool models. Searching the Internet for specific model numbers is also a great way to find reviews, but always stop to consider the reputation of the publication or site handling the review.

Which Whirlpool models are best for small kitchens?

If you have a small kitchen, then you'll need a properly sized refrigerator that won't dominate your available space. Ask your retailers about which styles and models are best for smaller kitchens.