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The perfect sweater extends beyond being a comfy cozy option for cold weather. It can be a statement piece. Knitwear blends like chenille, acrylic, angora and cashmere and sweater styles like cable knit and ribbed make it possible to express your personal style and tastes. From exclusive, soft styles with an amazing warmth factor to highly colorful blends with woven-in patterns, there is an option waiting for you. Some blends, such as cashmere, are extremely costly due to their limited availability as natural options. Others are more widely available at mass retailers and department stores, making a sweater available for every budget. In the winter, particularly during the holiday season, you are likely to encounter a great deal as stores work to move holiday-specific merchandise and maximize sales while the weather is the coldest.

Chenille is a velvety knitwear option with an amazing soft, cozy factor. Picture your favorite sweater with a slightly fuzzy feel, and it probably contains a chenille blend or is a 100% chenille option. At Land’s End, a women’s chenille ribbed crewneck sweater in a variety of colors, including bright magenta, burgundy, and dark midnight sapphire, retails for $79.95 but is available on discount at $39.97. Nordstrom sells a fuzzier chenille option with the Sanctuary Mock Neck Sweater at $79. With a 35% off discount, it is only $49.90 and is available in orange, burgundy, red, navy blue, cream and pink colors.

Cashmere is an extremely exclusive sweater option due to its limited availability. Cashmere fibers come from the cashmere goat, and the cashmere for sweaters and other clothing articles comes from the softest area of the goat’s body. It is an extremely prized material due to its softness, lightweight and strength. A cashmere sweater that is taken care of could last for decades. At J. Crew, a Collection cashmere cable-knit turtleneck starts at $298. New J. Crew customers are eligible for a 15% discount. At Neiman Marcus, a Cashmere Collection long-sleeve cardigan with sequins retails for $495, but when offered on a 25% discount, starts at $371.25. On the more affordable end, the Lord & Taylor Essential Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in a rainbow of colors retails for $160 and can be discounted to $79.99 with the option to use a 30% off code.

When you are looking for specific style points, consider sweaters the following way: a ribbed sweater helps sell a slim silhouette; cable knit is your classic wide knit cozy sweater and a classic pattern, typically in an acrylic blend, helps you stay polished while feeling delightfully casual. Forever 21 sells a Junior’s Wide Ribbed Sweater for $16 in white, black, olive and red and provides new email sign-ups with 10% off daily. The retailer also offers sales of 30% off and more for seasonal promotions. The cable knit fan can find a men’s Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater at L.L. Bean for $99. New L.L. Bean MasterCard holders can get 20% off first orders, and free shipping starts at $50. ModCloth specializes in printed sweaters and offers a chic Charm School Long Sleeve Cardigan with a magenta leopard print and in a classic seasonal red for $49. Traditionalists can also grab a Charm School Pullover in a snowflake pattern for $59.

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