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If you’re in the market for a cheap treadmill and you’re serious about health and fitness, you’ll want to make sure you buy the right treadmill for the right price. Just because you buy a treadmill for cheap does not mean you must settle for a treadmill that is poorly made and will not last. You can buy name-brand treadmills for a cheap price if you know where to look. With that said, here are some excellent cheap treadmill deals for your budget.

For example, depending upon how much money you have to spend, NordicTrack has a frequent online sale, and the cheapest treadmill found was selling for only $700.00 sale price, a big savings off the regular price of $1,300. A cheap treadmill can mean different price figures for different people, however, and for some people $700 is too much to spend on a treadmill. There are some superstores selling treadmills for as little as $95.00 and given a three-star rating. K-Mart has the Weslo Cardio Stride brand of treadmill for $99.00, which has a four-star rating. Wal-Mart offers a treadmill called the Fitness Reality TR1000 Space Saver Manual Machine, which has two levels of incline. Overstock offers a treadmill for $135.00 called the Stamina X in Motion T900 Treadmill.

Generally, a store puts together a line of treadmills ranging from the cheapest to their most expensive. However, what makes the price range difference is the functions offered on the specific model. The difference between the cheap and more expensive treadmills is the number of options available. For example, some of the more expensive treadmills have televisions and built in desks with full automation on the unit. Options available on treadmills are nearly limitless these days, in fact.

There are treadmills for simulating mountain trails, incline motors, heart and pulse monitors. Most all of these treadmills are capable of going zero to ten miles per hour. With the cheap treadmills, however, you won’t get all the expensive features, but cheap treadmills are just as reliable for basic exercise and workout plans. It is debatable how long a cheap treadmill will last, because this depends on how often the treadmill is used and how well the treadmill is cared for.

There are standard features built into all treadmills from the cheapest model to the expensive models. Standard functions on any treadmill on the market include an air-based absorption or shock absorption system, which cushions movement. Nearly all treadmills fold up out of the way, as well, but no model really stores easily. Standard on all treadmills is a monitor so you can view your mileage, speed, heart rate, calories burned, and the time it took to do your workout. Warranties on cheap treadmills are available, but most only cover the treadmill for a short period of time and only against manufacturing defects, usually for 30-days to one year. More expensive treadmills tend to carry warranties that are more extensive and these warranties are higher priced, because of all the options the warranty is covering.

With such a large disparity in price it is understandable that the features of every treadmill are different and you get what you pay for. Less expensive treadmills usually use manual power which means that they do not have a motor and either have no resistance at all or, in some cases, magnetic resistance which is usually controlled at the base of the treadmill. Manual treadmills are usually not very fancy with limited features but most will come with a basic console that displays your most need to know information like time and calories and many of them fold to save space.

When you start getting into higher end models the features that you find on treadmills are downright mind blowing. One of the newest trends in treadmill technology is the integration of dashboard tablets. Instead of your traditional screen and controls all of the information that you need is displayed right on the tablet. Displaying your workout information is just a small part of what these fully functional tablets can do; they also connect to the internet for browsing during your workout, play videos and music, and even have workout specific interactive games and video maps so it feels like you are running on an outdoor trail.

While the tablet integration is the flashiest of the newest features on treadmills it is not the only impressive technology. Even some of the most expensive treadmills still fold up to save space when they are not in use and the decks are starting to be made with cushioning technology that protects the joints from the impact of running on a treadmill. Another cool feature that is starting to pop up on treadmills is a decline function that simulates walking downhill and is the perfect compliment to the incline feature that has been available on treadmills for years.

It is not just the fact that treadmills are one of the oldest forms of indoor cardio equipment that has helped them remain popular, it is also their many uses. These machines are obviously used for exercise, but the spectrum of their use is what truly makes them special. The most obvious use for treadmills is cardio work through walking, jogging, or flat out running, but that is just the beginning. These machines can be used in sprint training, long distance run training, uphill and downhill training, and even injury rehabilitation.

If you are looking to buy a treadmill there are many characteristics that you must think about before spending your hard earned money. First and foremost you want to think about the amount of space that you have available, the last thing you want is to spend so much on a machine that will not even fit into your room. Your next consideration should be the features that your treadmill comes with; you don’t want to pay for features you are not using, but on the other hand if their are some really cool features that you will use it is worth paying a little more for. Lastly you want to consider care and maintenance of your treadmill; many nicer treadmills come with lifetime track lubricant and the option to flip the deck extending the lifetime of treadmill by years.

Treadmills are actually quite complex and amazing when you really think about it. It is shocking how many features and how many uses there are for these exercise machines that we take for granted. They have made leaps in technology in a relatively short amount of time and are a staple in gyms and exercise facilities world wide. If you have the space and a desire to maintain a healthy life style there is no reason not to have some kind of treadmill in your house.

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