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An anxiety attack is a short period of overwhelming fear that comes on with no warning and for no rational reason. Those who experience anxiety attacks one or three should go to a doctor. An anxiety attack is also often called a panic attack.

Treatment of Anxiety

Doctors are not sure for sure what brings on a anxiety attack. But studies have shown that there are some health conditions and medicines that might cause a anxiety attack. Anxiety attack triggers include withdrawing from alcohol and or illegal drugs. An anxiety attack can bring on feelings of loneliness and a feeling of being out-of-touch with other people.

Anxiety Signs

Even though the physical signs of an anxiety attack might last only minutes, the psychological symptoms can last quite longer. The physical signs and symptoms of an anxiety attack rarely last longer than 30 minutes. The most major symptoms of an anxiety attack usually peak within ten minutes. There have been a few rare cases where symptoms of an anxiety attack have lasted for hours.

Anxiety Symptoms

This uncertainty coupled with the actual physical and emotional symptoms of an anxiety attack makes life very challenging for those who have anxiety attacks. Some people become so scared of an anxiety attack coming at an inappropriate. This fear is often called agoraphobia. especially when used in reference to anxiety attacks. People experience anxiety attacks in all situations and statistically very few experience anxiety attacks in open spaces.

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