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From excess oil production on the skin to wearing dirty hats, there are a variety of different things that can cause acne. If you are dealing with frequent breakouts, you might be interested in what causes these frustrating flare-ups. By understanding the key causes of acne, you will better understand this skin condition itself so that you can take care of it with either home remedies or professional treatments.


One way to aggravate or cause acne is by constantly touching your face. Acne is caused by bacteria that feed on oils in your skin. If you are constantly touching your face, you are transferring dirt, oil, and germs from your hands onto your face. When touching your face or applying cream, always make sure that your hands are completely clean.

Other causes of acne can include the use of dirty sheets, pillowcases, hats, and towels. Keep in mind that when you sleep or wash your face, dirt, and oil from your face is going onto your linens. The same theory applies to hats that are not washed very often. The dirt and oil just lingers there and can transfer to your skin, causing an acne breakout on your forehead. Many people also think that acne can be caused by internal factors, such as your diet. Some experts have linked dairy products and sugar to acne breakouts. While there is not much research to indicate that this is true, many people have said that by cutting these things out of their diets, their acne has improved.


The most obvious symptom of acne is pimples on your face, neck, back, or chest. Another sign that you will be getting a pimple is feeling pain on one area of the face. Large cystic pimples tend to be quite painful when they are beginning to form, so this is a sign that you will soon experience a frustrating flare-up.


Treatment options can come in a variety of different forms. Many people like to deal with their acne at home using products containing either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. The key to these products is using them daily so they can rid the face of bacteria that cause acne. If you suffer from severe acne, a visit with a dermatologist may be the best option. Dermatologists can prescribe stronger medications that lead to clear skin.

Risk Factors

Acne is actually the most common skin condition in the world, so billions of people are affected by it each day. The severity of your acne depends on your lifestyle, cleanliness, skin type, and family background. You do not have to be a dirty person to get acne; many people suffering from this skin condition are simply dealing with periodic hormonal changes and imbalances.

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