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What is Common Core?

By January 13, 2022No Comments

Some of the most controversial issues facing Americans center around how to handle education reform. One answer to this dilemma gave birth to the common core standards, a set of rigorous and engaging benchmarks for student achievement. Common core standards are universal across the nation, meaning that students all over are expected to be responsible for the same material at any given grade level.

The thinking behind this is twofold. First of all, if a student moves from one state to another, they should theoretically be on the same page when they start class at their new school, so there are no gaps in their education. Second, all states will be held to the same expectations, so they cannot skew the data to make it seem as though they are making improvements while their students fall behind.

While most states are on board with the idea of universal benchmarks, there is still an opposition to common core. Detractors argue that it takes away a state’s rights and that it does not meet all of the goals it claims to. Supporters say that common core simply consists of a series of guidelines for skills that students should master by the end of each grade, rather than a strict curriculum which dictates what material is taught within our schools.

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